3D Tour of Harrabeer House

Hare and trees

To take a 3D Tour of the Harrabeer House you have choice of 3 views. Click the play button and it opens as a 3D tour where you use your mouse to glide through the property. Choose from 2 other views, Dollhouse or the floor selector from the small icons on the bottom left.

To navigate around

  1. Hold the left mouse button or left side of the touch pad down and move around the view.
  2. To progress through the rooms, click on the circles on the floor to move to them.
  3. To zoom in and out use the mouse wheel.
  4. Alternatively, use the left and right arrow keys to look around and the up and down to move forward and back.
  5. You can click on the floor plan then go to a room and enter that room with a lift click to save walking around the building.
  6. Where you see a blue circle, this will give you information about that bedroom when clicked.

To view a bedroom

  1. Select Floor Plan, then Floor 2 and full screen
  2. Move the mouse over the blue circle to find the room
  3. Click in the middle of the room to enter
  4. Hint – start with the Master Bedroom and work your way around the rooms!


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