Arial view of Harrabeer Country House


Harrabeer Country House


‘Harrabeer’ means ‘wood of the hares’ in Old English, spoken between 450-1100, and the Domesday Book (1086) records a farmhouse here. A document from 1503 refers to ‘the dilapidated Harrabeer’, showing that houses have come and gone over the centuries! And centuries ago, our land was owned by the family of Sir Francis Drake himself.

Today the House has a core dating to the 1650s – the guest snug, kitchen and barn – with features typical of a Devon longhouse. These elements barely changed until the 1850s when the railway came to Yelverton and Harrabeer was extended hugely to accommodate a smart Victorian family.

More recently, in 1975 the House was turned into a hotel and its land sold for development. In 2003 the dilapidated barn was converted and the original inglenook fireplace and beams in the oldest part of the house restored. A new three-year programme of modernisation commenced in winter 2021-2.



Harrabeer Country House has been owned and run by Nicky Louth-Davies since May 2021. Nicky’s travelled globally on business and pleasure and dreamed for years of creating her own haven for holidaymakers, using her background in corporate hospitality, communications and interior design. Warm hospitality, inviting interiors and the personal touch are what she offers at Harrabeer Country House. If you feel like you’re staying at a friend’s country house while you’re here, then her mission is accomplished!


House cats

Percy and Jemima are the feline members of the Harrabeer family and can be relied on to keep guests entertained! Be assured, they’re banned from guests’ rooms and kept downstairs at night, and we take extra precautions for the allergic. But otherwise, Percy in particular loves a lap and if you want to (and you’d be surprised how many people do want to!) you’re welcome to play ‘feather stick’ or ‘red dot’ with them – the cat toys are in the bar!